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A brief guide as the where Warburton is located.

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The Parish of Warburton is situated in the County of Cheshire in the United Kingdom at map reference SJ6989. It is located at the junction of the roads to Lymm, Partington and Hollinfare. In later years it found itself alongside the Manchester Ship Canal following the building of that waterway and so is now at the foot of the toll bridge over the canal.

Warburton itself is a small village consisting of a number of houses and the now somewhat famous Warburton Old Church. Known in early Saxon times as Wareburghtune, after St Werburgh, later becoming St Werburgh Church. The Saxon section of the church can be seen in the north of Warburton Old Church as the church was rebuilt in the 12th century - for a photo see this link to TrekEarth. In 1885 a new church was built nearby on Bent Lane, the A6144, and this church is also called St Werburgh.

The area surrounding the church is also subject to much archaeological activity with finds not only of Saxon origin but also of early Bronze Age, Iron Age and Roman origin. 

More details of historic Warburton can be found here: or on Wikipedia.

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