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The 1978 Revival
The Early Years
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A group photograph of the players taken following a performance in the Orange Tree in Altrincham Saturday 3rd November 1990.

Collected together here is just a small selection of photographs from our scrapbook covering the earlier years of the revival. Unfortunately not all years seem to have been recorded by those people still associated with the Play, or those past members still keeping in touch. If however, anyone has crossed our path and has photographs available we'd be very interested in having the chance of seeing them and also towards their  inclusion in the scrapbook and to their possible use here.

As the Scrapbook was only started around 1995, once it became apparent that the momentum of the revival was continuing,  it has been very difficult to track down existing photographs from earlier years. Also another problem was that of identification of the odd past player - the friend of a friend who did it for one year only or even just a single night. The identification of some pubs was proving difficult as well in view of the wholesale butchery that has taken place to some of their internal structures since the pictures were taken. In some cases the identification of the actual date was also not possible. In either instance if identification is not possible or verified then it is not stated, however, where records are conclusive then details are given.

The Gallery is arranged into years and by clicking on a year, or the associated picture, it will take you to the relevant page, where, as previously mentioned, a selection of the photographs for that year are available. The photographs are chosen to show as wide a range of players and events as possible or perhaps just where the quality of the original is good. Whilst some gang members were very much keeping to one character some played a number of parts so again pictures have been chosen to illustrate this.

The pictures from our first year (1978) are covered in The 1978 Revival page.

This Gallery is an ongoing project so will be added to as time allows and as photographs become available.

- 1983 -

One of the earlier years for which Photographs are available, apart from 1978, was 1983 and whilst the quality is not good it's worth presenting a few on the linked page.
The Driver 1983

- 1985 -

One of the earlier years for which Photographs are available and probably one of the memorable years as far as the early years of the revival are concerned. This cumulated in a somewhat lively performance of the last night of the Play.

Doctor & Turkish Champion

- 1986 -

1986 continued the lively performances, not least helped with the regular pairing of the players for king George and the Turkish Champion.

The Fight 1986 style

- 1988 -

We only have one photograph of what we believe, through a process of elimination, was of our 1988 season. This is it. It saw another manifestation of  The Old Woman this time by the way of John Bartrick who joined us for one or two seasons. King George on the other hand is easy as he is one of the current gang.

The Old Woman in 1988 guise

- 1990 -

The highlight of this year was being asked to perform at a very packed private function in the upstairs room of the Orange Tree in Altrincham following being heard performing downstairs. This was the Turkish Champion's night.

The Turkish Champion receiving his 'cure'

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