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The Saracen's Head logo Details of the 2020 season that was restricted by the Covid-19 Virus. 

This year's Souling was severely disrupted by the country, indeed by the whole world, being in the middle of  a pandemic caused by the Covid-19 virus. This severely affected our ability to be able to perform in and around the Warburton area as we would normally do. Whilst other have been able to perform at least once, we felt that it was asking too much to push the restrictive government imposed rules designed to prevent the spread of the virus, never mind that another complete lockdown was about to commence.

We therefore had to take the painful decision to forgo any indoor or outdoor performances and instead elected to make use of modern communication technology aka Zoom! This allowed us to all keep safe from the virus yet still perform a meaningful performance of the play, well two performances as it turned out.

These performances are made available below. As said, two performances were done as we had quite a number of players available as so where we had duplicated players available it gave each one chance to have a go. The second performance shows us all together with a few others watching when we sing the intro and finishing song. Due to the time lags of the system we were unable to have us all recorded at once so we left it with the Driver singing.

This is the first performance of the night.

And the second performance with everyone getting involved with the songs.

In the end it was obviously disappointing at not being able to go to our favourite venues to perform, however, we do hope you enjoy the alternative.


This page updated:  14th  November 2020.